Manifest for
the Future of the Portuguese cuisine

Presented at the III Simposium Sangue na Guelra
Portuguese Cuisine. Now what?
in May 2017

  1. We are proud of our country and ourgastronomic tradition, and we recognize the richness of the identity of Portuguese cuisine!
  2. Our gastronomic identityis our root, being the groundwork for all cooks — it is the reflection of our territory but also of the peoples and cultures that were involved in this identity, from centuries ago to the present, contributing to its richness and diversity.
  3. We promote the freedom to create and explore new paths, new dishes, new flavours.
  4. We believe the act of cooking is more than the search for good taste. The cuisine is cerebral, interventional, creative, subversive.
  5. Creativity cannot be an end in itself;it must be conscious, informed and it should express a new contribute for our cuisine.
  6. We use the technique to enhance the individual language of each and everyone of usas a cook, in order to respect a sustainable food philosophy and value the national gastronomic identity.
  7. We respect the seasonality of products and the biodynamic cycles of Nature.
  8. We encourage a responsible and sustainable consumption of animal products and species from land and sea.
  9. We demand the right for children to learn how to cook tasty, healthy and quality food and to know the identity of our kitchen: this is as important as learning how to read and write!
  10. We protect small producers andlocal products, whilepromoting the sustainability of production methods and recovering forgotten but often differentiating products from our country.
  11. We challenge all cooks, consumers, producers, suppliers, entrepreneurs, journalists, researchers, critics, artists, thinkers, to act as agents of change, in favor of a cuisine closely related to an increasingly consistent local and social economy.