What is Blood?

Blood is experimentation. It’s a challenge. It is knowledge. Blood is sharing.

Sangue na Guelra Blood n’Guts is a movement for the new Portuguese cuisine that started in 2013 as an International Gastronomic Festival. It brings to the forefront young emerging chefs from the finest restaurants in the country and the world. From the beginning, the main goal is to inspire, support the interdisciplinarity in gastronomy and its conceptual enrichment, as well as promote the identity of the national culinary culture. Thus arose the Manifesto 0.0 or Manifest for the Future of Portuguese Cuisine.

Along the way came the Symposium – a space dedicated to reflection, experimentation and debate – and the Lisbon Food Festival – which brings the best of the world’s cuisine to the streets of the Portuguese capital. We have also created Ritz’s Secret Room, unique and exclusive private dinners in the presidential suite of the Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon, with the stars of the current gastronomy, along with unique initiatives with the most amazing cooks, such the dinners Origens, Pop Up, Zero Gravity or the Mar Adentro Festival.