Sangue na Guelra

About us

Young Chefs with Guts is the first satellite event of Peixe em Lisboa – Lisbon Fish & Flavors, the biggest Portuguese gastronomy festival focused on sea and river products. This initiative happens outside the main compound and is now getting ready for its fifth edition, witnessing the attachment and enthusiasm of every Portuguese and international intervenient.

This initiative evokes the work, dedication, inspiration and creativity of young top chefs, who work together with major references in Portuguese and international cuisine or else in its own name. Portuguese or foreigner, these young chefs play the leading role. We are inviting for the main stage those that are always behind the scenes to work with the fish and seafood from the Portuguese coast.

Sangue na guelra – Young Chefs with Guts is not only an event: it is an attitude, it is a way of being, it means a strong will for learning as well as courage to take risks and create. In this unique atmosphere and moment, we are looking forward to revitalize tradition with the power of topicality, never compromising curiosity, audacity and invention. This is Young Chefs with Guts’ spirit!

Young Chefs with Guts is about challenging young talents to think about the vast universe of food and gastronomy, to seek out their own ideas, to dare exploring and mingling ingredients, as well as working with them in a creative and inspiring way. In short, this event is a casual spot for brainstorming of experiences, techniques and knowledge, but also a moment for restlessness and deep thought.

From the kitchen to the table service, the challenge goes on with the same high standards and demand. Young Chefs with Guts brings together young students and trainees from hotel trade with experienced professionals and people in charge of service in the best restaurants in Portugal. Side by side, they complete the route of each dish from kitchen to table.

Portuguese products and producers are another key element in this virtuous chain. Young Chefs with Guts is proud to pay a fair tribute to them: 90 per cent of the products and ingredients used by the invited chefs are Portuguese. Knowing and respecting the origins, reinterpreting and renovating the essence of a cuisine, the memory and the product heritage is indeed crucial for a gastronomy culture. Cooks and producers share this mission.


Ana Músico

Graduated in Philosophy, Ana has collaborated with several leading newspapers and magazines in Portugal. She was head of communication in two editions of Vila Joya International Gourmet Festival (Algarve), for which she has co-created and edited the daily festival magazine, Black Mail. She is the founder and creative director of Amuse Bouche agency as well as co-creator and co-organizer of Sangue na Guelra | Young Chefs with Guts.

Paulo Barata

Graduated in Photojournalism, Paulo works with some of the most important Portuguese chefs, as well as other references from international cuisine, by photographing dishes, backstage, teams and portraits and creating stories or individual projects. He develops author’s projects in editorial business and collaborates with several prestigious magazines, in Portugal and abroad, such as Cook Inc., Up TAP Magazine, Volta ao Mundo, Evasões, Notícias Magazine and Fugas – Público. He co-created and co-organizes Sangue na Guelra – Young Chefs with Guts.