Sangue na Guelra

Blood n’Guts 2017!

Blood n’Guts 2017!

At the fifth anniversary, #SanguenaGuelra returns bigger than ever! Let’s do the maths, shall we? We’ll have one Symposium focused on Gastronomy, one weekend that brings the most charismatic chefs in the country (and beyond) to the streets, plus four #BloodnGuts dinners! All this during May. Are you ready?

Irreverent. Experimental. Unpredictable. At the fifth edition, Sangue na Guelra | Blood n’Guts returns to break the rules, to question concepts and to innovate traditions. Throughout May, the festival will bring to the streets of Lisbon the celebration of the most inspired and innovative Portuguese cuisine to date.

For five years we have brought to Portugal some sous-chefs of the best restaurants in the world, as well as young talents on the rise, for exclusive and surprising dinners. For five years we have created unique chances to taste the best gastronomy of the moment.

Not it’s time go further. This year, Sangue na Guelra | Blood n’Guts reaches new audiences with a street food festival open to the public, a Symposium that aims to bring up the New Movement of Portuguese Cuisine, three exclusive dinners with the best young chefs and an extra night dedicated to the flavors of the river


Sangue na Guelra begins on the 5th of May in HUB Creativo do Beato with the III Symposium ‘Portuguese Cuisine. Now what?’, where national chefs and prestigious guests from abroad are going to exchange experiences, share suggestions and consolidate the paths of the new and creative movement of the Portuguese gastronomy. 

For discussion: Blood, Salt, Fritters, Bread — four essential themes of the national cuisine. The enthusiasm of the two mentors of Sangue na Guelra | Blood n’Guts, Ana Músico and Paulo Barata, hit some major names in the industry. Maria de Lourdes Modesto, the referee figure of the national gastronomy, and Duarte Calvão, food blogger and director of Lisbon Fish & Flavors, will debate the role of Tradition in the path of Modernity. Chefs José Avillez, Henrique Sá Pessoa, Alexandre Silva and João Rodrigues will invigorate the work groups that brought together some of the best and most creative Portuguese cooks of the moment.

Even the acclaimed chef Nuno Mendes, from the iconic restaurant Viajante, returns to his home country to share his experiences in London! He’s a citizen of the world, an inspiring chef with a passion for travel and food cultures. Born and raised in Lisbon, he left Portugal in his late teens, went to San Francisco to study in the California Culinary Academy and then went to Japan to receive further training. With an insatiable desire for knowledge, he continued to jump from one place to another, gaining experience under Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Ferran Adrià, Wolfgang Puck, Rocco DiSpirito. Until the day he made London his home. He worked in Bacchus, a gastropub with a molecular approach to cooking; he founded The Loft Project, a domestic pop up in his apartment where chefs cooked in front of guests, creating an intimate experience; he ran his own Michelin-starred restaurant, Viajante (‘traveler’), a tribute to his own wanderlust. Meantime, he became the executive chef of Chiltern Firehouse, one of the trendiest restaurants in London, and opened A Taberna do Mercado, where he recreates regional flavors from Portugal. A return to its origins, indeed.


9h Opening
10h Maria de Lourdes Modesto and Duarte Calvão 
10.35h Trend: Blood
11.25h Trend: Fritters 
12.10h Semi Hakim, Turkey
13h Lunch
15h Andrea Petrini, France
15.45h Trend: Bread 
16.30h Trend: Salt
17.15h Nuno Mendes, England
18h Manifesto 

The entry costs 30€ (stand-up lunch included). Tickets available here.


Sangue na Guelra continues on May 6-7 with a street food festival in HUB Creativo do BeatoBlood n’Guts Lisboa Food Festival wants to put Lisbon and Portugal on the map of the most important international gastronomic festivals. This will be the meeting point for everyone interested in gastronomy and about twenty renowned national and foreign chefs, who will serve their version of street food, inspired by the flavors and traditions of their countries and regions.

This is an excellent opportunity to taste the savory suggestions of noted chefs like Juan Azoritz, sous-chef of Mugartiz (2 Michelin stars), Henrique Sá Pessoa (Alma, 1 Michelin star), José Avillez (Belcanto, 2 Michelin stars), Kiko Martins (O Asiático), Alexandre Silva (Loco, 1 Michelin star), João Rodrigues (Feitoria, 1 Michelin star), Leo Carreira (O Londrino, opening soon in London) and a whole new generation of inspired, dedicated and very talented cooks. According to Paulo Barata, who shares the organization of Sangue na Guelra | Blood n’ Guts with Ana Músico, this event “without labels and without rules is very challenging for chefs, because it gets them out of their kitchens and encourages them to approach the food in a different and more accessible way, but always with the identity of each one of them.”

Blood n’Guts Lisboa Food festival was conceived for a younger and more curious audience, families, foodies and tourists visiting the city. Entry is free for children up to 6 years old and costs 4€ for the remaining public. Dishes inside the venue will cost 5€ and 7€. The maximum capacity of the event is 1500 pax per day. Tickets available here.


The festival is not over without Young Chef’s with Guts dinners, on May 14, 15, 16 and 22. Based on the same premises of the previous years, these exclusive dinners will challenge young talents to cultivate their own ideas, to explore and mix ingredients and work them in a creative and inspiring way.

This year and for the first time, dinners will take place in different restaurants in Lisbon, but they remain an opportunity to share experiences and unique sensations. As usual, fish and seafood from the Portuguese coast will be served – the exception is the “Taste the River” on May 22, a dinner fully based on freshwater species, in order to show the richness and abundance of the Portuguese rivers and to sensitize participants to a sustainable consumption.

All dinners will start at 7.30 p.m, are exclusive for 60 pax and cost 130€. To reserve your place, please send us an e-mail to

Ricardo Machado,

Blood n’Guts 2017!