Sangue na Guelra

May 5, 6 and 7 at Hub Criativo do Beato

Young Chefs with Guts 2017

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The 5th edition of Sangue na Guelra | Blood n’Guts began with the III Symposium Blood n’Guts, at HUB Criativo do Beato, May 5.



Symposium ‘Portuguese Cuisine. What’s next?’


We gathered chefs, producers, scientists, journalists, food researchers, consumers, entrepreneurs and gastronomes to think and discuss the present Portuguese cuisine and how our gastronomy can grow.

We challenged talented Portuguese cooks to work together some essential themes of our cuisine — Blood, Fritters, Salt, Bread. Henrique Sá Pessoa, José Avillez, Alexandre Silva, João Rodrigues, Milton Anes, Kiko Martins, Hugo Nascimento, Pedro Pena Bastos, Tiago Bonito, Luís Barradas, Leandro Carreira, Hugo Brito, Manuel Maldonado, Rodrigo Castelo, David Jesus and Carlos Fernandes shared experiences, doubts, knowledge and concerns with the public.
Nuno Mendes, the charismatic chef from Lisbon who made Portuguese cuisine a huge success in Britain, joined us to discuss the impact of the new Portuguese gastronomy in the international context.
Journalist and gastronomic curator Andrea Petrini, one of the most respected and influential names in the world food scene, also took the stage to talk about his vast experience in this area.
Maria de Lourdes Modesto, author of reference books of traditional Portuguese cuisine, and Duarte Calvão, food critic and director of Peixe em Lisbon | Lisbon Fish & Flavors, discussed together the role of culinary tradition in the path of modernity.
From this movement, this vigorous debate that many others have also been promoting over the years, emerged the Manifesto for the Futre of Portuguese Cuisine , a document that intends to set common denominations for a cuisine that speaks many languages and is alive. You can read and subscribe the  Manifesto here

May 5, III Symposium Sangue na Guelra


Blood n’Guts Lisboa Food Festival


On May 6th and 7th, good mood and delicious food were the main ingredients in the first edition of Blood n’Guts Lisboa Food Festival, the street food festival of Sangue na Guelra that took place in HUB Criativo do Beato. 

Inspired by the know-how and flavors of tradition, more than 20 renowned chefs presented innovative and delicious finger food suggestions. Esporão, our exclusive wine partner, proposed several references of red and white wines, served by the glass, and KIA, our mobility partner, challenged participants to test drive the most popular and brand new cars.


May 6, 1st day Lisboa Food Festival

May 7, 2nd day Lisboa Food Festival


  • Carlos Fernandes

    , Michelin

    I am the youngest guest chef in Young Chefs with Guts. I work in Tenerife (Spain) at two Michelin stars M.B. (Martín Berasategui) restaurant. I have studied at Lisbon Higher Institute for Hotel Management and Tourism, I worked at Lapa Palace, I left to Spain and I am in the Canary Island since 2012. I was surprised with the invitation to participate in Young Chefs with Guts. I do promise extravagance, technique and risk with guts. One of my inspirations is Francisco Gomes, the pastry chef invited for the second night of this event.


The wonders of our chefs

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