Sangue na Guelra

Young Chefs with Guts 2016

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A special night with three Girls n’guts, new dishes and a water full of flavor!


Ana, Chloé, Antonia. In 2016, Sangue na Guelra – Young Chefs with Guts brought to the main stage three top cooks, each with its own style, but all of them very talented. That’s why we’ve created an extra night with bold, inspiring, creative women. You can’t miss Girls n’Guts!

But there were more exciting things! We were proud to announce Luso water as the Official Sponsor of Sangue na Guelra! Luso it’s a Portuguese brand of memory and affection, and a national reference. We were so thirsty for a sponsor like that! What unites us? Inspiration in our origins and passion for innovation. Smoked water …? Spicy water …? There were no limits!

another exciting thing that happened was the creation of the Sangue na Guelra’s line of dishes — a challenge launched to the students of the last year of the Design Course of the Escola Superior de Educação de Lisboa in partnership with EVOL and AMASSO. 

Knowledge, sharing, innovation: these are key words in our lexicon. As for the program, with the passion and the audacity that characterizes us, we have returned to stand out and brought some of the greatest young chefs of the world cuisine. After all, Sangue na Guelra is itself a place of experimentation, dedicated to new tendencies and full of creativity!


May 22 – 1300 Taberna
19h30 – Cocktail
Alberto Montes, Atrio, 2 ** Michelin, Spain
James Lowe, Lyle´s, 1* Michelin, England
Alisdair Brooke Taylor, In De Wulf, 1* Michelin, Belgium
Pastry Chef – Diogo Lopes, Penha Longa, Portugal

May 23 – 1300 Taberna
19h30 – Cocktail
João Viegas, São Gabriel, 1* Michelin, Portugal
Mathieu Rostaing Tayard, Café Sillon, Lyon, France
Riccardo Camanini, Lido 84, 1* Michelin, Italy
Chef de Pastelaria – Telmo Moutinho, Alma, Portugal

May 24 – Cais da Pedra
Girls n’Guts extra night
19h30 – Cocktail
Antonia Klugmann, L´Argine a Vencò, 1* Michelin, Italy
Chloé Charles, Fulgurances, France
Ana Ros, Hisa Franko, Slovenia
Chef de Pastelaria – Maria João M., Confeitaria D´Alvor, Portugal


22nd of May

23rd of May

24th of May – Girls n’Guts Night


  • Carlos Fernandes

    , Michelin

    I am the youngest guest chef in Young Chefs with Guts. I work in Tenerife (Spain) at two Michelin stars M.B. (Martín Berasategui) restaurant. I have studied at Lisbon Higher Institute for Hotel Management and Tourism, I worked at Lapa Palace, I left to Spain and I am in the Canary Island since 2012. I was surprised with the invitation to participate in Young Chefs with Guts. I do promise extravagance, technique and risk with guts. One of my inspirations is Francisco Gomes, the pastry chef invited for the second night of this event.


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