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Origins with chef Leonardo Pereira

Origins with chef Leonardo Pereira

Origins’ dinners – a satellite event from Young Chefs with Guts – are back at Vestigius Wine Bar, next 30th November. This time with chef Leonardo Pereira, who participated in the last edition of Young Chefs with Guts, in April 2014.

This Origins’ dinner tags Leonardo’s return to Portugal, after several years working in the some of the best restaurants in the world. His last address was Noma, in Copenhagen, the first in the World 50th Best list.

Origins features young chefs that have participated in Young Chefs with Guts or else are charismatic and creative chefs, who have a story to tell through a dinner.

Leonardo Pereira will present a special menu, which symbolizes a return to his memories and references that are the starting point to the future of his cooking, in Areias do Seixo, where we will find him on a permanent basis from 25th December.

“It didn’t cross my mind that I would ever return to Portugal. Until one day, a year ago… The time has come to learn again my native language, touch my ground and feel it as Portuguese as well. The time has come, at last, to rediscover and question all my training in order to liven up my dreams. These are my origins. I was very young when I left Portugal and I don’t regret it. I did work very hard. I keep memories of few hours’ sleep, burns and an outcast social life, but I came upon what I needed: friendship. There is nothing better for the soul than to devote oneself to a cause without expecting anything in exchange. This was my motto in my trips to take traineeships in Sweden (Oaxen) and Spain (El Poblet & Mugaritz). I chose to stay in Denmark, a fascinating place. Noma was my home for four years and a half and the rest are stories.”

We thank all the support in holding together this dinner to wines by Lua Cheia em Vinhas Velhas (Douro); Fish from Açores, by Espada Pescas; Vegetables and local bio vegatables, by Biofrade.

Just like Young Chefs with Guts, Origins aims to break rules and conventions. It challenges participant chefs to move out the comfort zone, assuming itself as a space for experimentation, boldness and creativity.

The same challenge is released to diners: Origins is not a common dinner, it is an adventure, an experience, casual and intimate, for a restricted 25 persons’ group.

Ricardo Machado,

Origins with chef Leonardo Pereira