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Origins. One-of-a-kind dinners

Origins. One-of-a-kind dinners

Nos dias 4 e 10 de Abril abrimos a porta a um novo conceito – Origens

On the 4th and 10th April we will open the door to a new concept – Origins.

Strong and meaningful word, Origins refers to the return to a founding memory of a food philosophy.

Two special dinners, exclusive to twenty people around a bench table, in an intimate environment of two well-known spaces in Lx Factory, Lisbon. The host chefs are: Yoji Tokuyoshi, in the good company of Enrico Vignoli (Osteria Francescana, 3* Michelin, 3rd World 50th Best, Modena, Italy) and Leandro Carreira (ex-Viajante, 1* Michelin, London, England), both heads of 2013 edition of Young Chefs with Guts. Each chef features an exclusive menu, which tags not only their return to Portugal, but it also means the return to their memories and cultural identity: it is from this moment onwards that their cooking is built.

4th April, Yoji cooks in Kiss the Cook.
10th April, Leandro is in Mercado 1143.
Origins results from a partnership between Young Chefs with Guts and Postrivoro, an Italian group that brings together young promising sous chefs.

Each dinner starts at 8 pm and the price is €60 per person, wine included. The reservations must be done by email:


Ricardo Machado,

Origins. One-of-a-kind dinners