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Origins with Yoji Tokuyoshi & Leo Carreira

Origins with Yoji Tokuyoshi & Leo Carreira

Regresso ao futuro...

Origins, a strong word full of meaning, refers back to a founding memory of a kitchen philosophy.

Origins by Sangue na Guelra are two special dinners, exclusive for twenty people, which will take place in the intimate setting of two unique spaces at Lx Factory in Lisbon. Yoji Tokuyoshi, with Enrico Vignoli (Osteria Francescana, 3 * Michelin, 3rd World 50th Best, Modena, Italy) and Leandro Carreira (ex-O Viajante, 1 * Michelin, London, England), are the hosts of these dinners. Each chef will feature a menu that marks their return to the festival — both participated Ain the last edition of Sangue na Guelra — and symbolizes the return to their memories: it is from here that they build their kitchen.

Leo Carreira

Leandro Carreira (ex-Viajante, 1* Michelin, London, England)

Yoji Tokuyoshi

April, 4th: Yoji @ Kiss The Cook.
April, 10th: Leandro @ Mercado 1143.

Origins is a partnership between Sangue na Guelra and Postrivoro, an Italian colective that gathers young chefs on the rise.

Ricardo Machado,

Origins with Yoji Tokuyoshi & Leo Carreira