Sangue na Guelra

Blood n’Guts 2017!

At the fifth anniversary, #SanguenaGuelra returns bigger than ever! Let’s do the maths, shall we? We’ll have one Symposium focused on Gastronomy, one...

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Origins with chef Leonardo Pereira

Origins’ dinners – a satellite event from Young Chefs with Guts – are back at Vestigius Wine Bar, next 30th November. This time with chef Leonardo Pereira, who participated...

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Origins with Yoji Tokuyoshi & ...

Origins, a strong word full of meaning, refers back to a founding memory of a kitchen philosophy. Origins by Sangue na Guelra are...

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Origins. One-of-a-kind dinners

On the 4th and 10th April we will open the door to a new concept – Origins. Strong and meaningful word, Origins refers to the return...

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João Rodrigues

João Rodrigues in Origins

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Salmarim. Life’s seasoning

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Sommeliers. A toast to excellence!

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Cátia Pessoa

Cátia Pessoa. Let’s clean up the dishes

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Comunicacao de tendencias

Young Chefs with Guts is already a case study

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